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Pay attention to these details, you can choose good office furniture!

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-31

No matter what product we choose, we need to be careful and nuanced in our selection, so as to ensure that the quality of the products we choose can meet the standard. For office furniture that has a certain importance in the enterprise, we need to pay more attention to details when choosing to ensure the improvement of employee work efficiency. So what should you pay attention to when choosing office furniture? Next, let's follow the Hookay Chair to explore.

1. Color: The color of office furniture is not only related to the aesthetics of office furniture products, but also has a certain impact on the overall office environment, so the color of office furniture is a detail that cannot be ignored. For example, the desk we use cannot be purchased because the surface is coated with paint. If the color is uneven, it means that its paint process is not good enough. Such office furniture is prone to bubble cracking and other phenomena during use, which affects the office furniture.

2. Structure: Because the structure and craftsmanship of office furniture will not only seriously affect the service life of office furniture, but also cause certain safety hazards to employees, so we must pay attention to check whether the structure and craftsmanship of office furniture It is fine enough, such as whether the connection part is firm and tight, do not buy it if there is a gap, it is likely to have quality problems, if the structure is deformed, even if it is slight, do not buy it, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

3. Smell: Wooden office furniture is more popular in the market, because its style and shape are relatively fashionable and simple, but some woods are affected by the manufacturing process, so there will be some differences. Environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly office furniture will be harmful, so when we find that office furniture has a pungent odor, we should not buy it. The basic pungent odor is caused by excessive formaldehyde content, so we are buying office furniture.

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