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How to source ergonomic chairs supplier in China?

How to source ergonomic chairs supplier in China?


This article will give ergonomic chair importers or  ergonomic chair wholesalers or furniture brand manufacturer a complete guide on where and how to find reliable ergonomic manufacturer in China. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about importing ergonomics chairs from China





CIFF(China International Furniture Fair)



Founded in 1998, China International Furniture Fair, famous as CIFF, takes place semi-annually in Guangzhou, March and Shanghai, September. With the successful experience of past  sessions, CIFF has been well accepted as the Weatherglass of China’s Furniture Industry, Asia’s Furniture Sourcing Center and the No.1 Platform for the World Class. The exhibition offers a variety of office seating, seat parts, public seating, complete office furniture and basic items and machinery.


Normally all the leading manufacturers for ergonomic chair ,whatever high level chairs or cheaper office chairs manufacturers will join the CIFF to show their most competitive products.


However, due to the covid-19, the international business travelling become difficult, now it is a pity that overseas clients can not come to visit the CIFF.  Under such circumstance, some overseas clients will ask their china purchasing agents to visit the booth, collecting new catalogue or new products information and send back to them.


Furthermore, there are also on line exhibition as well. You can have a try with these new mode to choose a suitable ergonomic chair manufacturer for your supplier chain.



Ergonomic chair suppliers on B2B platform 

The online B2B marketplace is a convenient resource to find a good ergonomic chair supplier in China, for example, Alibaba, made-in China, globalsources.

Alibaba.com is the world’s largest B2B supplier directory. Here, you will find many factories which produce different quality of office chairs, also there are some wholesalers, and trading companies. 

It is better to narrow down your supplier selection to those that are proper manufacturers, rather than trading companies or wholesalers. The easiest way to be sure is by flying to China and paying the suppliers a visit. But at the moment, it become quite difficult as the Covid-19 make international business travelling more difficult.

 But, you can also use the information provided by Alibaba.com to narrow down your supplier list:

Registered capital: Minimum RMB 500,000

Product scope: Should be focused within a certain category

Company name: Should not include ‘trading’

Product test reports: SGS, BIFMA,etc

Some manufacturers also provide factory audit reports on their Alibaba.com profile, which are free to download. These are issued by highly reputable third parties, such as Intertek or Bureau Veritas.

In addition, you should also look out for uploaded product test reports.



Through purchasing agent


If you cannot visit a office chair manufacturer in China in person, you can find a purchasing agent who can buy the products you need. Purchasing agents can contact a variety of top ergonomic chair  manufacturers and/or suppliers to find the products you need. Note, however, that you will pay more attention to the price because the purchasing agent will charge a sales commission.


If you do have time to visit the manufacturer, supplier, or retail store in person. You may have problems communicating with sales representatives. That’s because most of them don’t speak English. Some don’t even offer transportation. In these cases, it is also a good idea to hire a purchasing agent. They can be your interpreters when talking to agents. They can even handle the export for you.


Purchasing agents usually ask for 3-5% of sales to handle shipping. You can evaluate if you need such an agent to handle the business for you.




Search on Google directly


Google is a good channel to find your ergonomic chair suppliers. In recent years. More and more Chinese factories and trading companies build their own websites on Google.




You can also search for good quality ergonomic office chair suppliers on some social media, like Linkedin, Facebook, Quora, etc. Many office chair supplier want to be widely noticed, so they often share their news, products, and services by these social platforms. You can reach out to them to learn more about their service and products, then, decide whether or not to cooperate with them.






No matter which method for sourcing the ergonomic chair manufacturer or supplier, it is strong recommended to evaluate supplier’s background to ensure the supplier’s trustworthy.


For ergonomic chair, it is difficult to judge the quality just from picture or vedio, it is for sure to test the chair sample by yourself.

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