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How to prevent moths from wooden office furniture?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-06-02

In some areas, the air will become humid in the rainy season, so for some wooden office furniture, it will lead to the phenomenon of being eaten by insects, which will not only seriously affect the aesthetics of wooden office furniture, but also affect its service life. Seriously affected, so how can we prevent moths?

1. First of all, we need to avoid the phenomenon that wooden office furniture is eaten by insects, so we need to pay more attention when choosing wooden office furniture. For example, the moisture content of wood must be low, because if the moisture content of wood is high, it will have a serious impact on wooden office furniture. Therefore, it is very important to choose the wooden office furniture manufacturer correctly and to ensure that the wood of the wooden office furniture is well dried during manufacture. In this way, the moisture content is qualified, and the high-quality wooden office furniture is not easy to be eaten by insects during use.

2. Because the wood of wooden office furniture is classified to a certain extent, compared with solid wood office furniture, panel office furniture is not so easy to be moth-eaten during use, because panel office furniture In the manufacturing process, it will be treated with insect repellent, and the solid wood office furniture should be brushed with tung oil or varnish on its surface after buying it, which can effectively prevent the solid wood office furniture from being eaten by insects. Therefore, when choosing office furniture, it must be Pay attention to its wood species.

3. If we find that the wooden office furniture has been eaten by insects in the process of use, we need to deal with it in time. We can spray insecticide spray directly on the area that has been eaten by insects 5-6 times so the liquid can penetrate into the wood and kill all the moths. However, if necessary, it must be cleaned up after using the insecticide spray to avoid residues and harm to human health, which is very unfavorable.

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