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How to lower the office chair?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-24

Common office chairs on the market'>The lift chairs of office chairs are air pressure type. Spiral, the lift chair is in use according to the style, material, structure, etc., the lowering method of the lift chair is different, it is recommended that you try:

Office chair air pressure lift chair : This is a new type of chair. The internal unit has a cylinder. The up and down movement of the piston rod in the cylinder controls the lifting of the swivel chair. The air pressure rod is filled with nitrogen gas, but if the gas purity is lower than 90%, there may be a safety hazard during the use of the chair lift. Inadequate sealing of the air pressure rod can also lead to a gas explosion (a qualified chair lift must be purchased). When the chair lift goes down, people need to sit on the chair and then lift the lever on the lower part of the chair so they can easily use their body weight to drop.

Office chair freestyle spring lift chair: The structure is relatively simple and consists of a closed cylinder. Piston in a cylinder. The piston rod extends to the outside. The air pressure inside the cylinder is much higher than outside, and there are small holes on both sides of the piston inside the cylinder. According to middle school physics, the piston rod is pressed inward and the resistance remains the same. At this point, the lift chair can be easily moved up and down by simply moving the support rod up and down.

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