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How to choose a healthy office chair?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-21

In recent years, the epidemic has made us realize that health is a beautiful wealth. It is estimated that an office worker spends at least 60,000 hours in an office chair in his life, and some IT practitioners even spend more than 80,000 hours. Therefore, office furniture and office chairs have become a health problem that cannot be ignored by the office family.

Computers have become indispensable office tools and entertainment tools for modern people, and modern people spend more than 8 hours sitting in front of the computer every day. People's use of unreasonably designed, uncomfortable and poor-quality office chairs will cause great harm to the body, not only may cause lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, wrist vessels and other skeletal and muscle diseases, Moreover, it will affect the blood circulation of the human body, destroy the operation of the human digestive system, hinder the metabolism, cause physical fatigue, laziness and obesity, and may even affect reproductive health. According to data from the National Health Commission, more than 200 million people in China have lumbar spine problems. If you work more than 10 hours a day in front of the computer, within two or three years, you will have a cervical spine, a lower back and a spine in your 20s or 30s.

So, what kind of chair makes you want to weld your butt to the chair while keeping all the joints of your body healthy?

Health is priceless, so choosing a comfortable ergonomic office chair is very important. Simply put, the so-called ergonomics is to design products with the scientific concept of 'people-oriented'. Because everyone's body shape is different, products with ergonomic design elements have multiple adjustment functions. Through various adjustments, the products can be adjusted to suit the user's body shape and habits, so as to achieve the purpose of making the body comfortable and healthy. It is recommended that you pay attention to the following 7 aspects when choosing an ergonomic office chair:

1. The height of the seat cushion of the office chair determines the comfort of the legs< /p> 2. The depth of the seat cushion of the office chair determines the pressure of the lower limbs and the health of the lumbar spine

3. The height of the lumbar pillow of the office chair determines the health of the lumbar spine

Many chairs will put a large waist I do, but I don't feel anything when I sit up. The lumbar support can be regarded as a high-tech part of the entire chair, and there must be a complex mechanical mechanism connected to the entire chair. The most real test is to sit on your own, regardless of the various postures, to check whether the back of the chair can completely wrap and support the back.

4. The reclining function of the office chair determines the efficiency of office work and rest

Different people have different body weights, and the required back tilt strength is actually different. The reclining strength of ordinary chairs is fixed, so it will feel uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. An ergonomic chair like the one mentioned below allows you to finely adjust the reclining force manually, allowing everyone to find the right amount of force for their body weight.

5. The height and angle of the headrest of the office chair determine the comfort of the cervical spine

6. The height and angle of the armrest of the office chair determine the comfort of the shoulder and arm.

Whether the height of the armrest is adjustable? Individual comfort heights are different; secondly, if the armrest is connected to a chair on the back of the chair, when reclined, the armrest can maintain the same angle as the person's back to obtain comfortable arm support; the armrest is connected to the seat cushion , and when leaning back, the angle of the seat cushion inclination is inconsistent with the seat back, that is, the waist of the person, resulting in the arm cannot be placed comfortably when leaning back.

7. The material of the back cushion of the office chair determines the comfort of the sitting posture

As long as you judge and purchase office chairs from the above 7 aspects, you will definitely have products that protect your health . In addition, the editor also reminds you to pay attention to three other things in order to achieve a healthy computer office:

1. Set the time, stand up and move the lower cervical and lumbar spine every hour;

2. Purchase Lifting desk products can realize alternate work between sitting and standing, maintain physical health, and improve work efficiency;

Third, configure a monitor stand, adjust the screen to a suitable height and angle, fundamentally liberate the cervical spine, and avoid cervical spine diseases.

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