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How to choose a healthy office chair

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-22

Generally healthy office chairs are the premise of healthy office for employees. For office workers, office chairs are basically used all day. The most basic of a healthy office chair is to make employees sit comfortably. Everyone's weight, body shape and usage habits are very different. How to create an office chair suitable for employees, make a multi-functional adjustment on the chair, such as height, angle, etc.

When choosing an office chair, you can experience it for yourself. You need to sit down and feel the firmness and softness of the seat cushion, backrest, and choose the one that suits you best. Whether the curve and height of the backrest is suitable for you, and whether it is suitable for the curvature of the human spine. The perfect situation is to support the back according to the back curve, whether there is lumbar support at the waist position can reduce the waist and reduce the pressure on the waist. Sit wide enough to fully support the extra weight on your hips. At the same time, the comfortable seat cushion can slow down the impact force when sitting down and play a buffering role. It also relieves the buttocks from prolonged sitting without causing back pain and hip pain.

Cushions can reduce the pressure of weight on the waist, but there is also a certain attention to using the cushions. For a healthy office chair, the lumbar cushion must be able to adjust the height, mainly for different people, the lumbar support can be placed in an appropriate position to minimize fatigue. The normal human spine has three physiological curvatures. Due to physiological needs, they do not grow in a straight line, the thoracic vertebrae are kyphotic, and the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are lordotic. From the side, the spine looks like the connection of two Ss. Due to this physiological feature, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, when sitting in an office chair, if a cushion is placed on the waist, it can effectively support the waist, maintain the physiology of lumbar flexion, balance the pressure on the lumbar spine and the muscles of the waist, reduce strain, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, and help stabilize the spine.

When purchasing, adjust the office chair to the height and angle that suits you best, lean your waist in a position that suits you, and sit quietly for a few minutes or ten. minute. If you can hold the position and not slide forward without discomfort in the lower back, then this chair is for you and a healthy office chair for you.

A healthy office chair can bring you a relaxed working feeling. If you are sedentary and you experience back pain, then this office chair is not for you. Healthy work starts with the selection of the most commonly used office chairs.

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