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How to choose a comfortable office chair

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-21

1. Ergonomic design.

Ergonomically designed office chair'>Office chair, regardless of body weight or sitting posture, can bring comfort to the user, provide the function of protecting the spine for long-term sitting, and reduce the weight of various parts of the body pressure, smooth blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.

Second, firmness

Office chair is a long-term, frequently used office equipment. Unsatisfactory office chairs tend to loose screws and inconvenience after a period of use, which will greatly affect the user's work mood and efficiency.

Third, mesh material.

The mesh material of the office chair should be elastic and flexible, so that the design of the chair back can highlight the lumbar support part. But when the human body is close to the back of the chair, the mesh will automatically adjust and adapt, no matter which shape the user is, the back of the chair can be close to the entire back.

Fourth, the mechanical chassis.

The mechanical chassis is the most important part of the chair, and its functions can be divided into: seat back tilt, seat back and cushion synchronous tilt, seat back angle adjustment, more adjustment of cushion forward tilt, etc. Therefore, proper evaluation and consideration must be made at the time of purchase to meet the actual work needs.

5. Height and angle of chair back.

The adjustment function of the comfortable office chair can provide the user with proper back support and help the occupant to maintain the correct sitting posture to ensure that the user's spine will not be damaged by long-term work.

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