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How to adjust the office chair to make the body more comfortable?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-22

Sedentary u003d chronic suicide

This point, everyone must be aware of

office population

the incidence of low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and wrist pain is very high

Sit less and move more is a good way, but it's easier said than done

We are 'bound' in front of our desk by busy work, and we have to bear the health hazards brought by office work. Since So 'sit down' is particularly important.

Today, I will teach you how to adjust the office chair to be most beneficial to health

Before adjusting the office chair, we must first adjust the height of the desk . Most desk heights cannot be adjusted, but the principles still apply and can be adjusted by other means.

1. Adjust the height of the desk (if possible)

Adjust the height of the chair so that it is just below the knees, sit on the chair, adjust the height of the desk , when the upper arm hangs down naturally, the forearm is at a right angle to it

For desktops that cannot be adjusted in height:

If the desktop is too high, you should replace the desk, or prepare foot pads with sufficient height to lift Sitting height

After the desk height is adjusted, you can officially start adjusting the office chair:

2. Adjust the position of the office chair and evaluate the elbow

Move the body of the office chair as close to the desk as possible, so that the upper arm can hang down comfortably, parallel to the spine, the hands can be easily placed on the desktop or keyboard, and the upper arm and forearm can be easily placed. At right angles

If the armrest prevents the office chair from getting close to the desk, the armrest should be lowered or removed

According to the usual situation, decide whether to use the keyboard or the desk as the standard

3. Make sure the feet are placed at the right height

The feet are flat Place your hands on the floor and slide your hands between your thighs and the edge of the seat cushion, leaving a finger width between the edge of the seat and your thighs

When the sitting posture is correct, the knees should be flexed approximately 90°

if If you are tall and have a large gap between your thighs and the seat cushion, you should raise the seat.

If there is no space between your thighs and the seat cushion, lower the seat or use the foot cushions

The back of the chair, place the fist between the calf and the front edge of the seat, there should be about a fist distance between the calf and the front of the seat (about 5 cm)

This distance determines the depth of the seat, the correct depth can be Avoid slumping or emptying of the waist

If the calf is pressing against the front edge of the seat, adjust the backrest to move forward, or use the lumbar support to reduce the depth

If the space between the calf and the front edge of the seat is large, it should be adjusted Move the backrest backwards to increase the seat depth

Adjust the height of the backrest so that it fits the curvature of the lumbar back so that the lower back can be supported to a certain extent

When the backrest height is correct, you can feel the lumbar support being firm.

Not all office chairs allow adjustment of the backrest height

6. Adjust the backrest angle of the office chair

Adjust the backrest angle to fit the waist

The correct backrest angle supports your lower back in the most comfortable position without leaning forward or backward

Not all office chairs Both allow to adjust the backrest angle

7. Office chair adjust armrest height

Adjust armrest height to ensure elbow flexion 90° Do not or barely touch the armrests at times, and the elbows are always against the armrests, which will cause the upper arms to move up, increasing the pressure on the neck and shoulders; at the same time, preventing the normal movement of the arms and increasing the burden on the wrists and fingers

If the armrests are too high but cannot be adjusted, Armrests should be removed to avoid shoulder and hand pain

Seat adjustment ends here, but do not Urgent, just one last step:

8. Adjust the eye height

Sit on a chair, close your eyes, and face naturally forward ,open one's eyes. With the computer screen in the correct position, we should be able to look straight into the center of the screen and see every corner of the screen without turning our heads or moving up and down.

If you need to look up to see the screen, you should try to lower the screen.

In order to improve the sitting posture, unless it can be customized, we need to choose an office chair with adjustable sitting height, backrest, and armrests . For example, our SK2128 office chair from Laino Furniture has a height-adjustable headrest for support, a lumbar support that adapts to the waist, and a lifting 3D function armrest. Let you change positions. If not, you should use seat cushions, back cushions and foot pads to correct your sitting posture.

Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a best chair for long sitting best ergonomic office chair in place.
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