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Why Buy An Ergonomic Office Chair?

Why Buy An Ergonomic Office Chair?


Many people assume that an ergonomic chair is purely designed to promote a good posture, but there is far more to an ergonomic chair than that! Ergonomic chairs are actually incredibly beneficial for those of us who spend many hours a day sitting all day in an office at work with computers. They are designed to support the natural inward curve of your spine – which yes – does promote descent posture but also provides you with back support  as they are designed to fit and support the body and spine whilst you work, allowing you to stay comfortable for long periods at your desk.

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Why You Need an Ergonomic Office Chair

● Using ergonomic office chairs leads to great health benefits. Among the top reasons why you should get an ergonomic office chair are the health benefits that come with its regular use. Ergonomic desk chairs can help ease lower back pain, give support to the spine, keep joints in a neutral position, and alleviate neck and shoulder pains. Using ergonomic office products can also reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders that damage the neck and back.

● Ergonomic chairs provide more comfort. You spend a third of your day in your office chair. It’s hard to sustain a good work ethic for that long if it’s not comfortable. An ergonomic chair can be adjusted to the body’s natural form (and let’s face it, not everyone is built the same way) so that you’re more comfortable while carrying out necessary work tasks.

● Ergonomic office chair improve productivity. According to a study from Kelton Global, 92% of respondents said that an inadequate workplace would negatively affect their mental health and productivity. 

● Ergonomic chair increases employee engagement. According to the same Kelton Global study, more than half of American workers believe that having an uncomfortable workspace would cause them displeasure at work. 

● Ergonomic office setups provide cost savings over the long-term. Compared to other types of chairs, ergonomic office chairs are more expensive from the onset. But they pay off in the long run because they help employees stay healthy. Worker’s compensation is expensive — health is definitely wealth!

What do the functions do on an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs support the natural 'S' shape of the spine, which prevents slumping and reduces stress on the spine and the pelvis. An adjustable backrest allows users to align the curve in the chair with the curve in their spine, for optimal support. An ergonomic chair allows the user to adjust the height, tilt, and a few other options, in order to be able to fit their body and their personal requirements. Everyone is different. visual take on what an ergonomic chair looks like and how it works.

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Height Adjustable Backrest

Keeps Your Spine Supple!                                            

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Armrest Adjustment

To protect wrist!                                                            

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Lumbar Support

The right pressure will keep you comfortable and healthy

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Seat Tilt Adjustment

To help you recline without putting any strainon your back

What to Look for in an Ergonomic Office Chair

Start by understanding the characteristics that define a truly ergonomic chair:

① Height-adjustable. Everyone is built differently, so the ideal office chair should be adjustable to the user’s height. As a reference, you should be seated in such a way that your thighs are horizontal to the floor. Check for a lever that can bring the seat higher or lower, as necessary.

② Adjustable backrests. At the same time, you should be able to adjust your backrest so that you can position it in a way that suits whatever task you’re working on. There should be a locking mechanism that holds the backrest in place so that your back isn’t tilting backward. The backrest should also be height-adjustable.

③ Breathable material. A seat with a breathable material is more comfortable, especially when you’ll be sitting for long periods of time. Remember to choose padding that is neither too hard (which can be painful to sit on in the long run) nor too soft (which does not offer enough support).

④ Lumbar support. Good lumbar support is important to minimize strain or compression on the lumbar discs in your spine. Choose a chair with a backrest that follows the natural curve of the spine. Your lower back should be supported in a way that it is arched all the time so that you don’t slump as the day progresses. Its best to try out this feature before investing in a specific chair.

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Different types of office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs come in many varieties, and each type has various uses, benefits and price points.

Task chairs have perhaps the most straightforward design. They often consist of a simple padded seat and backrest. However, they sometimes only feature the seat. While these models do come in adjustable variations, the primary feature of task chairs is simplicity. Now, this may not seem very appealing at first glance, but task chairs are suitable for short-term tasks or work that requires more mobility. For example, a task chair is ideal for a person who frequently moves between a desk and a filing cabinet.

Executive chairs are extremely comfortable furniture items suitable for long periods of sitting. While offering less mobility, these luxurious seats have designs that can impress while letting the user maintain work productivity.

Home office chairs come with an array of unique features specifically tailored to your home computer. They have an ergonomic design more geared toward relaxation, with pillows for back support, compatibility for multiple accessories to enhance your home working experience.


The right ergonomic office chair can make a big difference in how your workday goes. With an ergonomic office chair, not only are you sitting in the proper position at your desk, but you are also helping to prevent potential back, neck and hip issues in both the near future and later on in life. Use the information provided here to find the office chair that best meets your needs.

If you’re looking to fitout your office or educational institution with ergonomic chairs to optimise comfort and productivity, Hookay ergonomic office chair manufacturer have many options available. To find out more information on the benefits of upgrading to ergonomic chairs, get in touch with us!

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