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Difference between Hookay Ergonomic Chair and Normal Chair

Difference between Hookay Ergonomic Chair and Normal Chair


Furniture serves various purposes in our daily lives and is found in both homes and offices. Essential pieces such as beds and chairs are utilized frequently. However, individuals who spend extended periods sitting down require comfortable seating options. Normal chairs may suffice initially, but they can lead to body pains over time. Thus, it is vital to have a comfortable seating solution for prolonged sitting sessions. It is common for people to experience back and neck discomfort when sitting on unsupported chairs. This is why ergonomic office chairs have gained popularity, providing both comfort and support. They have become a necessary addition in both home and office settings as they help the body relax during prolonged sitting periods.

Hookay ergonomic chair supplier would recommend the type of chair needed for your home, depending on the usage. We have listed down a few factors that you could consider while differentiating ergonomics with office chairs.

Seat Height

The seat height of regular chair is not adjustable. However, ergonomic office chairs are usually adjustable by means of pneumatic levers. There are the best executive office chair for people who are short. However, the usual seat height ranges from 16 to 21 inches off the floor. The ergonomic chair with adjustable seat height features lets the user place the feet flat on the floor.

Hookay ergonomic chair

Seat Width and Depth

An ergonomic chair or a normal chair would fit most people. The standard chair has the right measurements for an average person in terms of width and depth. Today, manufacturers offer office chairs in three sizes, depending on the height of the user. With ergonomic office chairs, the user could tilt the seat forward or backwards as per their correct posture.

Lumbar Support

There is lumbar support on both normal and ergonomic office chairs, but the ergonomic chair comes with more adjustment options. It reduces back pain caused by prolonged sitting. The chair comes with a lumbar spine that curves inward and leans against the kind of support needed to recline. Using an ergonomic chair solves this problem since it has lumbar support both in depth and height, providing a proper fit for the back of the user.

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The backrest of a chair typically ranges from 12 to 19 inches in width. However, a standard chair typically has the proper measurement for its backrest. On the other hand, ergonomic office chairs offer the added benefit of adjustable comfort and support. These chairs feature a separate backrest from the seat, allowing for customizable angle and height adjustments. This design creates a seamless seat that enables users to comfortably lean both backwards and forwards. Along with these adjustments, ergonomic office chairs also come equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent overextension when leaning too far backwards.

Seat Material

The ergonomic office chair and the normal chair come with padding. However, the ergonomic chair comes with padding both in the seat and backrest to provide a comfortable sitting experience. It seems more comfortable to sit in the ergonomic chair for extended periods of time. Additionally, the ergonomic chair is made of comfortable cloth material.


Unlike a normal chair, an ergonomic office chair has an adjustable armrest that allows the forearms to rest comfortably while typing. A normal chair has a fixed armrest, but an ergonomic chair has an adjustable armrest.

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