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Are you looking for a project ergonomic task chair?

Are you looking for a project ergonomic task chair?



There are a lot of different options for ergonomic task chair with different feature and configuration, in different design and quality, different material and setting, which chair is suitable for projects bidding? Especially with middle budgets projects. There are not so many blogs and articles in introducing information on this topic.

IF you are an office furniture company,system furniture dealers,

 Who are dealing with commercial projects, you are looking for a good chair for project bidding , it is worthwhile to read this article, we have a perfect solution for project.  Good options with good price will definitely be helpful for winning the project.

 1. Picture

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2. Feature

1) The chair comes with a Y shape back support which is simple but classic in looking, Y shape back support give you a sense of safety and strong ,with which it is never out of fashion.

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2) The whole backrest designed with a slight shape which is built according to the back of human being when they are sitting with back slightly backward , it is considered to be the comfortable sitting posture when working.  As you may know, there are normally three different working sitting postures, one is forward sitting posture,  straight sitting posture, slightly backward sitting posture, according to study and research, slightly backward sitting posture is the most comfortable working posture. This posture can be kept for long hours without back pain and stress. The star-E ergonomic task chair backrest shape is exactly built based on this posture which allow you to work for long hours without fatigue.

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3) The headrest comes with height adjustment and angle adjustment. The headrest height adjustment can be adjusted with 70mm adjustment scope. This headrest adjustment allow employees to sit with their heads and shoulder correctly supported which can relieve fatigue  and stress effectively , headrest height adjustment allow different height of people to adjust which is very considerate.


4) The backrest have a lumbar support at the back.  The lumbar support is built with PU material. During working hours, employees’  lumbar can get extra support which can relieve some stress.

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5) The whole backrest also comes with height adjustment, hold the backrest with your hands and lift the backrest to adjust the backrest to the suitable posture you required.


6) The star-E ergonomic task chair is equipped with a High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat that offers a traditional feel with added support. Paired with the Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric on the seat, and a standard seat slider.

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7) Equipped with key ergonomic features to fit the majority of users, including a height-adjustable back ,seat slide  and back tilting mechanism,



8)Fabric: polyester fiber,which is characterized by hardness, good elasticity, fire

retardant, good air permeability and heat dissipation, comfort and health, and

can prevent bacteria.

Plastic frame: nylon + glass fiber (80% nylon + 20% fiber). Adding glass fiber

to nylon can enhance the strength and toughness of nylon and reduce the

shrinkage and deformation rate of nylon.

Armrest: Solid PU armrest; 1D function.

Gaslift: KGS gaslift imported from South Korea (certified by BIFMA

); filled with high-pressure nitrogen, purity up to 99.99%, easy to rise and fall,

light and flexible, smooth, no air leakage, no air leakage and no trouble after

repeated lifting for more than 300000 times.

Mechenism: synchro- tilting three-locking in black color.

Chair base: five-star base is made of nylon and fiberglass, with a radius of

340mm landing area, safer and more secure (BIFAM test standard is 1136kg,

while our test standard is above 1300KG)

Castor: soft PU, quite, fully protect the floor



3.Why this chair is a best option for project?


1. The star-E ergonomic task chair offers many of the incredible features and the unique styling you would expect from an high end ergonomic chair ,  Utilizing Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric, a three-dimensional multilayered knit polymer that is both forgiving and supportive, this chair combines look and satisfying sit unparalleled by any other chair in its class. and equipped with key ergonomic features to fit the majority of users, including a height-adjustable back and an  seat slide mechanism.

2. For project bidding, the budget is very important factor you can not ignore. You have to find the best chair with suitable pricing. Since this Star-E ergonomic task chair have all the necessary ergonomic feature which fit the majority of users, with its cost-effective pricing , this  is an excellent solution for outfitting an entire workspace or office on a budget.


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Project case

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