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According to this standard to find office furniture, you can find the right one!

by:Hookay Chair     2022-06-02

Office furniture has been in contact with office workers for a long time, so if we choose office furniture that is not suitable for our own use, it will bring a very bad sense of use experience, which will also have a serious impact on office efficiency. So we need to choose the right office furniture, so let's follow the Hookay Chair to learn how to choose the most suitable office furniture for you.

1. Height: The height of office furniture will directly affect the health of employees, for example, it will cause serious damage to their lumbar spine, so we need to pay attention to the appropriateness when purchasing office furniture For example, the height of the desk we use is generally 72-80cm, but considering the height and body shape of each person, we can increase the height according to the specific situation, and in order to provide more space for activities, so the height can also be increase appropriately.

2. Width: The width of office furniture will directly affect the activity space of employees at work. Too wide or too narrow is inappropriate, and even affects the work efficiency of employees to a certain extent. Therefore, when choosing office furniture, we must pay attention to the correct choice of the width of office furniture. For example, when choosing the width of the desk, you need to consider the range of motion of your arms when you sit down, which is generally 120-180cm. Of course, the width can be customized according to the specific situation.

3. Quality and safety: When we purchase office furniture, the quality and safety of office furniture is very important, because it directly affects the health of employees. For example, the material of office furniture is not safe and environmentally friendly, formaldehyde will exceed the standard, and formaldehyde will seriously endanger human health. Therefore, we must pay attention to the material quality of office furniture. Of course, its structural quality is also very important, so as to avoid the instability of office furniture, which can only be achieved by ensuring sufficient safety and quality.

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