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A Comprehensive Guide to Ordering Hookay Chairs

A Comprehensive Guide to Ordering Hookay Chairs


As a reseller navigating the world of importing from China, you might find yourself with questions and concerns about Hookay chairs. If you're seeking a step-by-step guide that breaks down the ordering process, worry not. We've created this detailed guide to provide you with informative instructions.



Step 1: Consultation

Your journey with Hookay chairs begins by expressing your interest in our products. Through our website, introduce yourself and share your preferred items, contact information including WhatsApp, and a brief company introduction.

Our dedicated sales experts will promptly send you the Hookay catalogue, price list, including information about the items that have captured your interest. After evaluating this information, feel free to engage with our team to address any queries or uncertainties you may have.



Step 2: Order a Sample


Having reviewed our catalogue and pricing, the next step is to order a sample of the Hookay chair that has intrigued you. This allows you to experience the quality firsthand and gain a clear understanding of what we offer.



Step 3: Test the Sample

Upon receiving the sample, take your time to evaluate its quality and comfort. This step ensures that you're confident in the product's attributes before making any further decisions.



Step 4: Place an Order

Once satisfied with the sample, you have two options: Order a small quantity (20 to 30 pieces) to test your market or consider a container order. If you opt for a container, our sales team can guide you through our testing time protection policy. This policy ensures that during the protection period, you'll have exclusive rights to sell the selected models in your market.

If your chosen models garner positive feedback from the market, our sales team can also discuss the possibility of exclusivity arrangements.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Minimum Order Quantity: Our standard MOQ is a 20-foot container with mixed models. However, we are also open to sample and LCL orders.



Order Execution Time: The lead time typically falls between 30 to 45 days, depending on the quantity and specific items. Share your quantity and codes with us, and we can provide an accurate production schedule.



Product Warranty: Our products are known for their exceptional durability, evidenced by their passing of BIFMA and EN1335 tests. In the rare event of accidental damage, we stand by our customers with appropriate remedies. We offer a 5-year warranty, with varying terms based on specific circumstances.



Sample Production Time: For small sample orders, typically one or two pieces, production takes about a week to ensure you can assess quality and comfort prior to a larger order.

Negotiating Price: Yes, we're open to negotiations, particularly for bulk orders or multiple container loads. Contact our sales team to discuss discounts and review our comprehensive catalogue.



Delivery Terms: Our loading port is Nansha, Guangzhou. We primarily operate under FOB Nansha terms, although we also offer EXW terms. Consider both options to determine the best fit for your needs.



Our Advantages: Hookay Chairs boasts several distinct advantages:

Our self-developed ergonomic chair mechanism sets the industry standard for stability and uniqueness.



A successful brand name exclusive agent in the USA serves as a testament to our product quality.

Our chairs' comfort has been proven through time and market demand.


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