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5 requirements for choosing office chairs & desk

5 requirements for choosing office chairs & desk


Whe seleting the office chairs & desks, there are many factors needed to be considered, here is 5 main things you need to condider when selecting the office furniture.

1. The height of the desk is determined by your office chair. Although most office chairs are designed to sit, you can also consider a standing desk. Generally speaking, the office chair must meet the comfort level and can relieve the office staff. backache.

2. Consider desks, including computer desks, writing desks, or drafting desks. If you multitask at your desk, such as writing and working on a computer, consider an L-shaped or U-shaped desk that allows you to switch tasks easily without having to rearrange your workspace.

3. Make sure your desk will fit in your office space. Putting a large desk in a small space is likely to make you feel cramped. A small desk placed in a large space may not give you all the workspace you need. If you have limited space and need as much desk as possible, consider an L-shaped desk.

4. Look at the surface of the desktop to make sure it is suitable for your needs. The durable ones are metal tabletops, but if you're taking your office clients, they may not be appropriate. Laminate countertops are more durable than wood table tops, but cheaper laminates are possible to peel. Natural wood or wood veneer are durable options, but they are attractive and elegant. And now most of the market is mainly melamine board or MDF.

5. Check available facilities. If you need quick access to documents or reference material, you can opt for a desk with drawers. If you're typing on a keyboard, take a look at laying out the keyboard tray. If you have long legs, you want a lot of space under the desk. If you use a lot of electronics, find a desk with pre-cut holes for the wire.

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