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How to choose a best ergonomic chair?

How to choose a best ergonomic chair?

Oct. 19, 2020

Chair is one of our basic necessities, It is not exaggerating to say you can’t eat, can’t work without it. Everyone need it unless we go back to the ancient times when people sat on the ground.  When was the chair born? From the unearthed cultural relics, the emergence of chairs can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Persia, and then from the Silk Road to China. It is also possible that Chinese chairs were made by the wisdom of ancient Chinese people.

Chair, as a kind of seating with backrest, has evolved into various forms up to nowadays. There are different names. Office chair, as one of them, is different from the wooden chair in the past. It is made of sponge, mesh, nylon and steel, mainly for office use,and it has the same meaning with computer chair and staff chair.

The ergonomic chair is derived from the office chair. The office chair only meet the basic requirement of seating for people. But ergonomic chair is a comfortable seating, which is a qualitative leap in the history of seating industry.

In the 50's of the 20th century, several scholars carried out systematic scientific research on the design and material of seating. Based on the research of science and human health, they created a subject of ergonomics. In essence, ergonomics is to use tools as appropriate as possible to the natural shape of the human body, so that the people who seating on the tools then their bodies do not need any active adaptation, so as to minimize fatigue.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the climax of the research and development of ergonomic chair, known as "the most comfortable chair in the world" - Herman Miller Aeron was developed in this period. At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, the ergonomic chairs that we are familiar with, such as Hayward x99 series, zody series, humanscale freedom series, leap series under Steelcase, Japanese Contessa series, etc., were also developed. Nowadays, the ergonomic chairs are popular by more and more people

What is the difference bettween the ergonomic chairs and ordinary office chair?

From the perspective of structure, it is mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

1. headrest

Whether the headrest can be adjusted or not is mainly determined by personal needs. It is usually divided into adjustable one and non adjustable one. Adjustable headrest can adjust of headrest height, angle, front and back to meet the needs of different people and individuals in different working conditions.


2. chair backs


On the one hand, a good chair back can fit the spine of the human body, evenly disperse the body weight, eliminate the pressure and heat accumulation. On the other hand, the recline of the chair back can be adjusted. Because of the different weight and body, the required recline force of the chair back is actually different. The recline adjustment is generally divided into manual fine adjustment and automatic force adjustment.


3.Lumbar supporting

Lumbar support can be adjust and non-adjust,it is better to choose the adjustable ones with resilience.Then the lumber can support you comfortably whether you are writing or just relaxing yourself.

4 Seat cusion

When seating, Most of the pressure is concentrated on the bottom.In order to reduce the pressure on the blood vessels,the front edge of the cushion is generally waterfall shaped. There are sponge cushion and mesh cushion, each with its own advantages.


There is a simple way to judge whether the armrest is comfortable or not. It depends on whether the armrest is connected to the seat back or the seat cushion. Only when the armrest is connected with the seat back, can the armrest keep the same angle with the back of the human body when reclining, so that the arm can obtain comfortable support. At the same time, it is important to adjust the armrest from front to back, left to right, up and down.

As for the price of ergonomic chair, this is a pain.

Good products are not cheap, cheap products are not good. There is no problem with this sentence. The world-famous ergonomic chair is not cheap.